1. Q: How to change or reset the password?
    A: Please proceed to member login “Personal Details” > “Edit Profile” > “Change Password” option.
    Or you may click the “Forgot Password” option for reset. Company notify new password via email/sms as per system info.Once you have received the temporary password, kindly reset your password IMMEDIATELY with the temporary password in Change Password and Change Security Password (Change Emaker password) option.
    Kindly login immediately to set your new password due to this password was valid for 24 hours only.
  2. I received a temporary password? Where can I change it?
    A: To change the password, kindly proceed to member login > “Personal Details” > “Change Password” option
    Kindly change your password in Change Password and Change Security Password (Change Emaker password) option.
  3. Q: Where can I login? A: For login, kindly copy the link and paste at the URL.
    For Philippines member, kindly refer to link
  4. Q: I cannot login into my account, it mentioned please submit your id. What can I do about it?
    A: Please email your complete details to
  5. Q: How to change the email address and contact number?
    A: You may proceed to member log-in > “Personal Details” > “Edit Profile” option or email to with below details:
    1. Username
    2. Name
    3. Copy of Identity card
    4. Contact number old and new
    5. Email address old and new

    p/s: Please provide all your details as registered in the system, if you have made a mistake or forgot we will not be able to verify your password

  6. Q: I want to change my country code because I no longer working/reside in that country.
    A: For your information, we will not accept the request for transfer of country code EXCEPT the following:
    1. Account holder’s citizenship is from the country of origin.
    2. Migrated
    3. Long term working in that country with a valid working permit.
    4. No country stockist in your current country.

    We will process change the country code to the country requested, but if member wish to revert back to their own country there will be charges involved.

    The product can only be collected from country requested only.

    p/s: Request of change of country code is strictly for one-time only.

  7. Q: I am unable to collect (self-collect) my product due to time constraint. Can I ask my upline/representative to collect on my behalf?A: YES, but your representative (upline or direct sponsor) must produce the authorize letter, order number (voucher) and ID card for verification purposes.

    For your information, all product collection is only valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

  8. Q: I wrongly transfer the PSP to wrong account/wrong maker. What action can I do to recover?A: Please provide the screenshot of the transaction and email to for further assistance.
  9. Q: I’m really interested to join your company. How can join?A: You may click the “Join Us” option at the right corner of the page and fill in the correct details. Our team will assist you further. The link as for our website is
  10. Q: I wish to terminate my account and withdraw all my PSP and GP. How shall I do?
    A: If you wish to terminate or cancel the account, kindly provide us:1) An Official letter with the account holder’s signature and the reason for termination
    2) Username
    3) A copy of identity card
    4) Contact number
    5) Email address

    Kindly make sure that all your Maker's balance have been emptied or transferred before the termination. Once the account has been terminate, the point cannot be retrieved.

    p/s: All requests is subjected to approval by management with complete documents submitted.
    p/s: GP cannot be withdraw as its value is NIL (clause 10.3)
    p/s: All terminated accounts are not allowed to re-register within 6 months from the date of termination.

  11. Q: I want to transfer my account to my family/friends. Can I do it?
    A: YES you can. If you wish to transfer the account, the following documents are required:
    1. Identity card copy from both parties (transferor and transferee)
    2. Letter of Commissioner for Oaths / Affidavit
    3. Letter to The Management to indicate the reason of transfer
    4. Contact number and email address from both parties.
    5. Fill in distributors request and complaint form

    *Fees applicable for transfer of ownership will be deducted from the D-maker (PSP 33.33)
    *All requests for transfer is subjected to approval by management with complete documents submitted.

  12. Q: I am a member and I want to apply as a country stockist. How can I apply for it?A: Kindly email to, we will refer you to relevant department for further assistance.
  13. Q: I wrongly placed/sponsored a new member under different username. Can I change it?A: For your information, once the placement or sponsor registration has been submitted, NO changes is allowed.
  14. Q: My upline wrongly key-in my ID card number and my name. Can I make correction for it?A: For your information, all correction is strictly allow for typo error only.
    Please email to and provide a username and a copy of identity card for further process.
  15. Q: I’m not home when courier service came to my house. How can I collect it?A: Please contact the courier company for collection. Failing which please provide us the order number and tracking number for us to assist you. We will check further and will SMS member as per contact number registered in the system.
  16. Q: I want to make a complaint about upline or member? How and where can I complaint?
    A: Please provide complete information in order for us to make further investigations.
    1. Name of complainer
    2. A copy of the identity card (clear and cross the copy) of complainer
    3. The date and procedure of registration
    4. Evidence of payment slips
    5. Upline or complainee complete information (name / phone number / identity card)
    6. Complete EVIDENCE (screenshot of the conversation if any)

    p/s: We request your cooperation to use back the same email trail for ease of tracking the same complaint.

  17. Q: I forgot my username. How to retrieve it?A: Kindly provide copy of an identity card for our reference or
    You may contact Phyto Science HQ and spoke to our Customer Service personnel to check for username. Only account holder will be entertained.
  18. Q: How to upload my ID card?A: Kindly upload your identity card (front & back image) from member log-in, “Personal Details” > “ID card Photo Upload” or you may email direct to for further assistance.
  19. Q: I have not received the product till today.A: You may track the order from member login “Order" > “Order History” option or email to and provide the order number. Or you may contact your upline or the person who register you for assistance.
  20. Q: How to print the bonus statement?A: You may print the monthly statement from the member login website from “Bonus” option. Please refer to your upline for assistance on this matter.
  21. Q: How to purchase point to buy the product?A: If you are a Mobile stockist, kindly make payment to Phyto Science bank account and WhatsApp to our point center at 019-272 2111 for point purchase.

    For overseas member, kindly refer direct to upline or country stockist.
    Please refer to the prompt out website announcement as below:

  22. Q: What is a security code? I’m unable to find it.A: For security code please enter exactly the code which appeared as below image
  23. Q: How can I check the price of the package?A: If you are a member, please proceed to member login “Download” option for the price list otherwise you may email to for further clarification.
  24. Q: I refuse to renew my annual membership. What will happen if I fail to renew?A: For your information, if member fails to renew the membership within the period given, the account will be terminated and all the PP and maker will be flushed (refer to clause 2.3).

    Kindly refer below website announcement and for your references.

  25. Q: Can I registered as a member of Phytoscience. I am 17 years old.A: Please be informed that a minor is not allowed to be registered as a member. IBDs shall not enroll minors.
  26. Q: I have a downline that want to register as a member but he did not have any valid documents. Is it possible to register him?A: Please take note that Company permits an individual to be register as a member if an individual holds a valid identity card (Refer Terms & Condition)
  27. Q: I suspect there is a miscalculation on bonus. How can I verify this?A: For your information, any request for copy of invoices, applications, downline activity report or other record will attract a minimum charge of RM10 and bonus calculation will be RM100 per request. The IBDs must notify The Company in writing via email to within 7 days of the incident occur. The Company will not be responsible for any error or problems reported to the Company after this date.
  28. Q: I found your product sold at online/commercial outlet, can I buy it from there?A: For your information, member may not sell or display the company products from a commercial outlet or any retail establishment. Members purchasing any products from an unauthorized sources do so at their own risk and the Company will not be responsible for any mishap happen to them thereafter.
  29. Q: My order is under self-collect, I don’t have time to go to HQ. Is there any pick up center which I can be referred to collect my product?A: Please take note that all product collection is only valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. You may refer to the pick-up center list from member login > “Order/Stockist” for contact number and address. However Company allowed to change from self-collect to courier option (upon request via email only). There will be charges apply as per below:

  30. Q: I just received the item but apparently there is damage in the product received. Can I change it?
    A: Please be informed that damage product received can only be reported within 48 hours after the item is received. All complaint reported after 48 hours strictly will not be entertained. To report damaged product, please email to for further action.
  31. Q: Is your product can cure any disease?A: For your information, our products is a Health Supplement instead of Medicine. We will suggest you to seek to a doctor for professional advice before consuming the products for health conscious.