1. Why do my feces appear greenish after consuming Snow Algae Chlorophyll?

Before total cleansing takes place, the body fails to absorb all the goodness of chlorophyll and the excess gets discharged. Once toxins are cleared, absorption will then improve and feces will no longer appear green. This means your body is ready to take in all the nutrients in Snow Algae chlorophyll.

2. Can Snow Algae Chlorophyll be used as an antiseptic?

Yes. With the cleansing power it has, Snow Algae Chlorophyll is effective in removing bad breath and body odor. Daily intake one sachet of Snow Algae Chlorophyll will ensure total body cleansing from the internal organs to the skin.

3. Why do some people encounter discomforts like dry throat, headache, feverish and thirst after drinking concentrated chlorophyll?

These are positive reactions after drinking chlorophyll, a result of the cleansing function. After this, you will feel high-spirited and energetic. To speed up this cleansing effect, you may want to drink plenty of water or begin with lower dosage, then gradually increase intake as your body slowly adapts to the changes.

4. Can I take Snow Algae Chlorophyll while I am taking my doctor's prescribed medicines?

Yes you can take Snow Algae Chlorophyll. It will help the liver to detoxify the side effects of medicine.

5. Can I take Snow Algae Chlorophyll during fasting? (Not applicable during Muslim fasting period)

Yes, will help cleanse and detoxify your body while supplying it with the nutrients it needs to survive. It is safe and soothing.

6. With improved health conditions after taking Snow Algae Chlorophyll, can I discontinue its consumption?

Yes, you can. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you continue with Snow Algae chlorophyll intake daily to ensure continuous supply of essential nutrients for good health